A Foster home provides a temporary safe, loving, nurturing environment for a Cocker kid until we find them their forever home. Please see our page on fostering for additional information.


If you are not in a position to foster, other ways you could help are with fundraising (including any ideas you may have relating to this). Also, we may need help with transportation, dog walking, bathing, grooming and administrative duties.


Do you have airmiles you are willing to donate? We only use Alaska Airlines to fly our rescue dogs because they have the best pet policy and are the only ones who guarantee the cargo holding area is climate as well as temperature controlled. They also do not have embargos during the coldest/hottest months as a result. Alaska Airlines have 15 airline partners where the miles can be transferred from; Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Era Aviation, Horizon Air, KLM, Korean Air, LANMokulele Airlines, Northwest Airlines, PenAir and Qantas. Also American Express Miles can be transferred to either Delta or Continental - and these two airlines are partners of Alaska Air. We have a volunteer in LA willing to bring the dogs to Canada and the airline miles would be used for her ticket so she can escort the dogs safely on their trip here at a reduced airfare per dog when travelling with a passenger. One ticket requires 25,000 airmiles.


Do you travel from LA to Vancouver? Would you like to help transport a rescue dog to safety? There are two big benefits to transporting our rescue dogs this way. The first benefit is the dogs do not have to arrive at the Cargo facility 3hrs in advance and sit on the tarmac waiting to board the plane. Instead they arrive as checked baggage and are escorted during their travels. The second big benefit is that is drastically reduces the cost of the airfare. There will be someone on either end to handle the paperwork and transport the dogs to and from the airport.