UPDATE: Poor Tucker has had it really rough not only has he led a lonely and isolated life craving human attention we just found out he has cataracts in both eyes. At such a young age of 4 he will require surgery to prevent him from going blind. The surgery is estimated to cost around $4,000 ($2,000 per eye). If you would like to make a donation to help Tucker to save his eyesight please click on the below link.

In Foster to Adopt!

Meet Tucker an adorable 4yr old buff boy who was picked up as a stray. We have reason to believe he has led his whole life as an outdoor dog considering the condition he arrived in. Also when he came to us he was a little unsure of human affection and attention, now he instantly rolls on his back giving you his belly when you pet him. He doesn't really know how to play with doggie toys which to us is so sad but is learning and is quite comical to watch. He gets along good with other dogs although we don't think he has had much socialization as he also doesn't seem to know how to play with them but sure wants to try. He has been with us just over 3 weeks now and in his second week he had 2 very mild seizures but has not had one since. His blood work revealed nothing so we are just watching him for any reoccurrences. At this point until we learn more we feel a home where someone is home alot would be best so if he does have reoccurring seizures he will not have to go through it alone as he has already had to spend most of his young life on his own. Also because he is still learning to trust people we think a home with older children would be more suitable. If you think you can give Tucker that special home he deserves please complete our Adoption Application.