This sweet, gentle little girl was rescued from a criminally negligent backyard breeder and arrived covered in fleas with her little tummy filled with parasites and desperately needing medical attention. She's now been treated for the parasites, had the dental work she needed and has been spayed. But before we can find her a good home she needs surgery for Cherry Eye. (This is a common eye problem - straightforward surgery will fix the prolapsed gland). Now just $600 is standing between Tessa and the loving home she deserves! This pretty little girl who loves people and gets along well with other dogs just has this one more obstacle to overcome. Please help Tessa over this one last hurdle so she can find her forever family!

Just call our vet at 250-595-1239 and say it's a "Donation for Tessa". If you prefer to send a cheque it can be mailed to Angels Under Our Wings c/o Lifeline Animal Clinic #102-3581 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, BC V8P 4G8 and indicate on the cheque "For Tessa".

With a little luck and some generosity from dog lovers, Tessa will have the first good Christmas of her young life. Help us make that happen! Your donation, whether small or large, can be the one that makes the difference! Thank you for supporting animal rescue!