Our Supporters

We would like to recognize each and every one of our supporters whether it be by financial assistance, donating food & supplies, volunteering, fostering, dog training, emotional support or by adopting and giving one of our rescued dogs a loving home we appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you! And a very special thank you to my husband Tony for his unbelievable patience, help and support with the at times overwhelming number of dogs he helps me care for and for allowing me to follow my passion.

A big thank you to Pacific Coastal Airlines for their ongoing support in flying our rescue dogs from Vancouver to Victoria at no charge!

Camp Cocker
Connective Training
Lifeline Animal Clinic
Greater Victoria Adoptables (Carol Broad)
Susan De Bock
Donna Hawk
Cassidy Wilson & Marcus Thagard
Andrew Sheret
Lee Meeks
Clayton & Gayle Ealey
Bill Bakkan
Dennis Flesher, Armstrong, BC
Val Venton
Perry Howard
Barb Lennox & Sue
Bob Grey
Melissa D'Souza
Glen & Christine Ewen
John & Sandy Goodwin Cranbrook, BC
Terry Humphries
Carolyn Trimble
Chris Gomes
Pam J.
Terry Al
Portia Johnson
Teresa & Jack Julseth
Julie Meisser
Bonnie Marshall & Gary Freeman
John Campbell
Scott Kelly
Scott Eldridge
Michael Rapsch
Brian Fagen
Mary Anne Inskter
Janet & MikeGuerard
Bev & Peter Fullbrandt
Flame heating Ltd.
Brad Langley
TSI travel
Allan Siripawa
Steph & Michael Wilmott
Lucy C.
Hans Damman & Rachael Martin
Stephen Fowler
Oggy Doggy & Tucker
Langmann Holmes
Barbara Schatt
Mahala Grubac
Betty & Joseph Mancinelli
Wilfred & Patricia Sample
Vickie Miller
Timothy Warren
Marika Grubac
Jack & Janine Roy
Doug & Becky Trapp
Jennifer Styles
Pets West
Alyssa Hoover
Janna Findlay
Bethany Larsen
Geoff & Linda Giles
Catherine & Pete Mack
Cathy & Mark Langton
Benjamin Mosig
Darcie Jennings
Bev Andrews
Linda Simon
Margaret Ofiesh
Dorothy Wowk
Sean Westle
Bonnie Robson
Kim Dunstan
Diane & Gerry Dionne
Rob Sample
Anthea Lewis
Alfred Bertram
Ivo Staiano
Maureen Donahue
Timothy Warren
Anthea Lewis
Laurie Clarke & Harry Weiler
Carla & Michael Scow
Delores Beck
Angela Hunter
Earl Korzenoski
Jim Regan
Patricia Brugger
Gerry Aldous
John Townson
Donna & Keith Simoneau
Lesley & Nihat Tetiker
Jen & Kurtis Francis
Kathy Mcleod
Pamela & Roger Prior
Alice White
Rob & Kim Bentley
Jackie Maldonado
Charlene Evelyn
Jack Naylor
Barbara Leyne
MJ Watt
Beklen's Restaurant
The Keg
Odyssey Fitness
Alex Bohnet
Ruth & Larry Mandt
Joyce & Allan Roberts
Judy Agnew & Glenn Gould
Bruce Landon & Kerry Shinners
Penny Newton
Doris & Bruce Donegan
Kerry Mah
Roberta Rockall
Karen Reecke & Margaret Hogan
Susan Smith
Janet Corey
Betty White
Barbara Belrose
Tracey & Dave Prevost
Linda Shaw
United Elevator Company Ltd. (Phil Weinstein)
Alberta Smits
Christine Comin
Amie Kukkola
Sue Anderson
Connie Pearce
Dariel Susan Smith
Sheena Bergthorson
Vicki Simmons
Chrisanna Fagan
Sheresze Hilford
Linda Shaw
Sophie Page
Marg Schumacher
Kathy Copeman-Stewart
Allison Finney
Bruce Landon
Chris Walsh
Laura Fewtrell
Darlene Knott
Donna Rigney
Ruth Mandt
Carole E. Mackinnon
Beverley Marinello
Deb & Garry Shaw
Sarah Drader
Robbie Dukart
Anderson Animal Hospital
Happy Tails Dog Grooming
Browns Social House - Langley
Donnelly Group Public House
Lafflines Comedy Club
Bow Wow Haus2
Wizard of Paws Dog Grooming
Sequoia Group of Restaurants
Choices Markets
Pets West
Vancouver Art Gallery
Nirvana Pet Resort
Bliss Boutique Spa
House of Rose Winery
Sunscape Tanning
Off Leash Photography
Fraser Downs Racetrack
Black and Brindle Photography
Lure Salon
Avon Representative Carrie
Anderson Animal Hopsital
Cupcakes on Broadway
Urban Fare Coal Harbour
Toddlers N Tails
Three Dog Bakery
Fish Salon
Nando's Canada
Whiskers Urban Ranch
Your Pet Pals Victoria
Lifestyles Market Victoria
See Spot Run!! Canine Services
Modern Dog Magazine
Pacific Theatre Co
Yyoga North Vancouver
apilano Suspension Bridge
High End Dog Bakery
Petra Photography
Il Terrazzo
Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf
Prince of Whales
Belfry Theatre
VanDusen Botanical Garden
The Keg
Belfry Theatre
Judy Agnew & Glenn Gould
Maureen Nelson
Ellisha Nelson