Meet Precious! The happy, confident, energetic Senior girl (possibly deaf or hard of hearing, but ears are clean , no odor), She recently had a dental with a couple of extractions and removal of mammary tumors that were tested and proven to be benign. She loves going for walks, is great on leash and can use a doggie door. Precious is rather set in her sleep routine…goes to bed at 9:30pm, up at 7:30am…does not get up through the night. Her potty is excellent, she asks to go out. Her eyes are good-, she is very alert to things going on around her. She would probably prefer to be an “only dog” or perhaps with 1 or 2 other “balanced “ dogs in the home as she likes to be cherished and have lots of attention. She gets along fine with other dogs as long as they do not get in her face , and may be more comfortable with dogs her own size. She has an EXCELLENT appetite and LOVES her food . She does have some food aggression issues and therefore needs to fed separately in a multi dog family.