Meet Panda! She is very active, sweet young gal. She is eager to please and wants to learn. She loves to play and has a very high toy drive which could be used as an effective tool in training her as she certainly pays attention when toys are around. Panda walks nicely on a leash right by your side and has good manners on her walks. When she saw some children out playing in a school yard she wanted to join in the fun but, when told she couldn't she went on with her walk and was very happy to do so. Panda is currently in a household with an older dog but would really prefer to be the one and only so she doesn't have to share her toys with others. She would probably be fine with another dog that had no interest in toys as the toys are what seems to be the trigger in her current living arrangements. Panda would do well with an active family that has the time to provide her with a daily exercise routine.