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We invite you to become a "Buddy" of Angels Under Our Wings in memory of Buddy the inspiration behind the rescue and to enable us to continue our rescue efforts. Please help the wigglebutts by joining our pack and becoming a monthly donor. By clicking the buttons below you can make automatic monthly donations through Paypal ~ you do NOT have to be a Paypal customer ~ just use your AMEX/VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER or automatic bank drafts.

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Foster Homes Urgently Needed

The shelters are once again overflowing with cockers at the moment. We are full and have no available space so need to reach out and ask for foster homes in order to be able to save some of these dogs from being euthanized. With the volume of dogs entering the shelter system daily many perfectly adoptable dogs are being put to sleep simply for lack of space. If you can help us literally save a life please visit our Foster section to learn more about what fostering entails and if you feel you can help please complete our online Foster Application. If there is a chance you are interested in adopting as well but want to try fostering first than just complete our Adoption Application and let us know you want to foster first. This will save you from having to fill out 2 applications. Thank you for supporting animal rescue!
"DONATIONS URGENTLY NEEDED" We admit we have a hard time asking for help but if we are going to keep rescuing we are going to have to swallow our pride and well...beg. We continually have vet debt as we often take in medical needs dogs especially ones with cherry eyes as we know this can be easily although not inexpensively fixed and these dog will get overlooked in the shelter as a result. Our adoption fees DO NOT cover our expenses for most of the dogs we take in and subsequently the extra comes out of our pockets. However we can't continue to do this ongoing and if we want to keep our little rescue group afloat and continue to save cockers in high kill shelters and elsewhere we need your help! Please consider donating ~ 100% of all donations go directly to helping the cockers in need. Donations can either be made directly to our vet Lifeline Animal Clinic by phone at (250) 595-1239 or by mail to Angels Under Our Wings @ PO Box 24059, 4420 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V8Z 7E7. No amount is too small...can you imagine if everyone who visited our site made even a $5 donation how many cockers we could save! Thank you for supporting animal rescue!!
The shelters in Los Angeles are currently overflowing and we are saddened right now we can't take in even one more dog as we have vet bills to pay off and no available space. We made this video in the hopes that maybe one dog might be saved! Please send this video to everyone you know and ask them to donate just $5 and maybe together we can raise enough funds to give some of them or even just one of them a second chance by enabling them to go to boarding as a temporary safe haven (boarding for one dog runs a minimum of $200 and up depending on where we can find available space). Who knows maybe someone will want to adopt one or can maybe foster one until their forever home is found. Thank you for supporting animal rescue!