Haley aka Autumn


Autumn aka Haley is a beautiful red 1 yr old cocker spaniel with her natural tail. She was rescued from a high kill shelter in LA. Autumn is still very much a puppy with tons of energy and would benefit from some consistent obedience training. Autumn's foster mom says that people are her world. She loves playing with dogs, but will stop anything for the possibility of a human cuddle. She also gets jealous when other dogs are getting the attention she craves and therefore would do best as the only dog in the household but with plenty of opportunity to play with other dogs at parks etc. She makes a fantastic lap-dog quietly snoozing in whatever position you leave her while you read a book. Autumn has a cherry eye in her left eye and will be undergoing surgery on November 18th to repair it. Cherry eye is a prolapsed third eyelid. It is not serious nor contagious and is an fairly easy fix. If you are interested in meeting Autumn please go to our website to download an application