Foster Information

Foster homes are an essential part of animal rescue. We pull our cockers directly from the kill shelter before they are to be euthanized. Generally, the dogs come into the shelter as strays with no prior history available. The shelters have far too many animals and generally don't take the initiative to provide proper and humane care let alone a thorough assessment of an individual dog. This is one of the primary roles of a foster home. The cockers coming into our rescue are not immediately available for adoption until they can be evaluated by a foster home. In addition the foster home may need to help with socialization, obedience training, crate training, house breaking, time and care for a cocker if they are recovering from a medical issue, perhaps daily administration of medication, trips to the vet if necessary and above all a temporary warm, safe, loving and nurturing environment. The foster home also plays an important role in communicating to us what they feel would be the best possible home for the cocker in their care, helping contribute to a successful adoption.

Angels Under Our Wings retains ownership of the foster dog and will pay for all approved veterinary care, medications and other miscellaneous approved expenses deemed necessary. The foster home provides food, food dishes, toys, a place to sleep, routine care (brushing, bathing, cleaning ears, etc) lots of love, patience and understanding.

Fostering can be a very rewarding experience to see these broken, scared, lost souls regain their health and blossom before your eyes. Seeing the growing confidence, trust and hope return to theirs will fill your heart with great pride and joy.

If you have other family pets it is recommended you initially separate them from your new foster dog. This temporary separation allows you to observe your foster dog for any possible health or behavioral issues. Additionally it will allow your foster some time to adjust. Although cockers we bring in are given a health certificate allowing them to cross the border there are some illnesses that have a long incubation period. It is therefore recommended that you make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date.

Possibly one of the most rewarding things about fostering is knowing that you have helped make it possible to save the life of the cocker you are fostering. The boarding costs we incur in LA just to get these dogs to safety, to await medical treatment and their health certificate to be flown to BC are considerable. If we had to pay the expense of boarding twice, it would considerably lessen the number of endangered dogs we would be able to rescue. Please consider opening your home and your heart and help us save a life!

If you are interested in our Foster Program please fill out our Adoption/Foster Application. The Adoption/Foster Application is a form that you fill out and it emails your answers to us.