Donations In Memory Of...

Rescued from uncertainty at the langley s.p.c.a. in april of 98', "Joey" came to spend the best ten years of his life ensconsed on beautiful Bowen Island, where he really was one with nature. true to his canine lineage, he relished his encounters with the ocean, the flora and fauna, and all the friends he made there.

perhaps unnatural for a dog, joey possessed the grace of Barishnikov and the cool sensibility of Yoda....never a misstep, never a mistake. a life lived full of dignity, generosity and unmatched kindness to all he encountered. never to be replaced, forever remembered...." Joey's" memory will live on with every cocker adoption.

we will hike together again my friend.....
~ Bob & Wavey

This donation is made in memory of our American Cocker Spaniel Toby. Toby was born on September 11, 2001and was a parti colour with brown points. He was a true “DAWG” as he was not only loyal and understanding but he had a passion for playing catch and return and swimming. Toby passed away on December 31, 2008 and will be truly missed by all his extended family as he represented all that is great in “Man’s Best Friend”. ~ Pam and Roger Prior

Every once in awhile someone special comes into your life. Enter a 5 week old cocker spaniel- Gizmo.

He came at a time in our lives when we needed a lift. He taught us unconditional love and patience.

He was one of a kind. He had a mind of his own and so he ruled the house. King of the castle. LOL . Never leave your food unattended. He loved food. He loved his apples in the evening and the apple tree was his favorite place to be, come mid - summer. He loved his walks and was first at the door for a car ride. Everyone called it the pet mobile. LOL. He especially loved his stuffed elephant .He would put the foot in his mouth and all was good. It went everywhere with him. It had to be sewed and repaired many times, as new ones were just cast aside. When he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he brought it with him.

And what was Christmas without Gizmo. He loved opening his gifts and stocking. No one would believe us till they saw him. He never touched any others, just his own. Pop bottles were his favorite toys. He would bark and make weird noises that just brought smiles to our faces. And he loved the vet. His little bum would just wiggle like no tomorrow. He was a happy soul, and always glad to see us. And when night would come, he would snuggle up at the bottom of the bed and all was right with the world.

We loved everything about him and he loved us back. Our constant companion. And we promised him, that when he made his final journey, we would hold him in our arms and just love him, and comfort him. . But it came unexpectedly and OH the Pain!!!!! ! He passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, on March 30, 2008, at 12.5 years of age. We held him; he gave a short howl and then sighed. He was at peace.

So in his memory, I donate to Angels Under Our wings, because every dog should be loved and feel safe and secure, because they just give such an unconditional love. Gizmo would want us to share and help other precious dogs, find their forever home. And we are so impressed with this organization.

Gizmo can never be replaced; he will always be a part of us, and we will remember him with laughter and fond memories. But we are about to start a new chapter in our lives and are very excited to bring Harley and Sebastian into our lives. They need a forever home and we can give them the love and security they so deserve. Gizmo would want this and so do we.

With love Mom and Dad
(Peter & Bev Fullbrandt)