My Sweet Angel

Memories of DAISY ~ "My pretty girl..My sweet Angel" Aug 1/2010 One of the worst days of my life having to say goodbye to you, my happy girl. My heart is breaking into a million pieces. I miss your big beautiful brown eyes, the way your whole body wiggled when you said hello, how you would paw at me for more kisses when I kissed your sweet face and the way you laid on your back in my lap all sprawled out for belly rubs. How you nestled into the crook of my neck and let me hold you... Sweet, beautiful Daisy, you were so perfect. I would give anything to see you running the fence line chasing the horses and the bunnies, to watch you sprawl out on the canopy swing "just observing", to see you in the back yard chasing bugs and digging holes...your little nose all covered in dirt and those big cocker paws. I wish I could kiss the little star on your nose, to hold you in the crook of my neck, to see you play with Cody, cuddle with Bella, tell off Teddy and race Owey for the squeaky tennis ball..My little Daiser I miss you so much and can't stop the tears coming. I am struggling with the grief and intense pain of losing you too soon. I never imagined you would only be with us for 2yrs...such a brief time and definitely not long enough. I expected to see you grow old with the rest of the pack maybe then it would have been easier to kiss your sweet face goodbye...but not now...not this soon. I carry your collar with me ever since I had to take it off of you hoping it will bring me some comfort and ease the pain of losing you.

Thank you Daise for coming into my life and touching my heart the way you did. I feel truly blessed. I have many beautiful memories with you and you always made me smile. Even when you were so sick and weak and the Doctors were poking you with needles and taking your temperature you little tail still gave a were such a happy girl. You were many people's favourite Daise and I feel very lucky to be the one you chose. Thanks for dancing with me Daise.

I will love you forever my sweet sweet girl...eternally..until we meet again. Love mommy xoxo