Hunter and Chase

Sponsors Needed!

SPONSORS NEEDED! Meet Hunter and Chase, the adorable 4-5 month (?) old siblings who were dumped at the shelter by their owner because they both require cherry eye surgery. Hunter in both eyes and Chase just in his right eye. Cherry eye is a prolapsed third eyelid it is not life threatening nor contagious, but surgery is necessary in order to prevent further complications. More information on cherry eye can be found here; The cost for the surgery alone per eye is $300 and with both dogs also requiring neutering we need to fundraise for approximately $1,300. If you would like to sponsor Hunter and Chase, so they can get their surgery a donation of any amount would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much for supporting animal rescue and helping us continue our efforts. Hunter and Chase will be available for adoption once they have had their surgery, if possible we would like to try to keep these siblings together as they are very bonded to one another.