About Us

Angel's Under Our Wings Cocker Spaniel Rescue is a small not-for profit group of volunteers located in Victoria, British Columbia. We are dedicated to rescuing Cocker Spaniels from high-kill facilities in California, before they are scheduled to be euthanized or are not holding up well in the shelters environment. We work with an amazing team of people from LA, who each have their own rescues as well, and who are committed to finding these precious souls their forever homes. All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and examined by a licensed Veterinarian in LA and issued a health certificate, a requirement for them to cross the border.

We are proud to say we live in a city filled with many animal lovers who treat their animal companions like members of their family and don't discard them as if they were a used piece of furniture. Which is most likely the reason we have a very successful adoption rate. Rarely do we ever see a Cocker Spaniel in the shelter here or even BC for that matter. Currently, on any given day there are close to 100 Cocker Spaniels and Cocker Spaniel mixes in the surrounding city shelters of LA. Combined with an already staggering number of abused, abandond and unwanted animals, the United States economy has forced some people to forclose on their homes resulting in their pets ending up in the shelter. Often these dogs are perfectly adoptable and are frequently being euthanized due to lack of space.

Due to an increased awareness and more and more people becoming educated on the fate of dogs and puppies coming from puppy-mills and backyard breeders we have seen an increase in people wanting to support rescue animals. Which is why we believe there is a place here for these wonderful little angels. We also realize that not everybody's lifestyle, activity level and needs suit a bigger breed dog. Locally we don't often see the smaller breeds in the shelters. This is where we come in, not only do we feel we can fulfill a need, we believe these wonderful, loyal, faithful companions deserve a second chance at life and a loving home of their own.