UPDATE: Molly is a very silly girl who is extremely playful and affectionate. She is a lot of fun and has us constantly laughing. We have discovered Molly is a bit of an escape artist and will require a fenced in yard that she will not be able to get out of. To our disbelief we saw this little petite 18lb cocker scale a 4ft x-pen as she was very interested in the bunnies on the other side. We think her strong prey drive is the result of her living as a stray for quite some time before she was picked up by animal control. She will also need work on her socialization with other dogs, we also think because this little girl was a stray she had to learn to defend herself and as a result will guard what is hers. She is a special little girl and deserves a special adopter. If you think that might be you please fill out our online application.

Molly is a stuning little chocolate tri girl. Who loves to play and cuddle. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Los Angeles and we are pretty sure she was kept as an outside dog. She seems to be frightened of males including young boys but loves females of all ages. We will be working on her socialization, she will need patience and love to help her become the happy go luck confident friendly girl she is meant to be. We will provide more information on Molly as we get to know her. Thank you for supporting animal rescue!