UPDATE: Jasper's foster parents says he shows all kinds of promise. He had little social skills with other dogs and not alot of postive socialization but has improved a great deal. He does not like being picked up from behind or having his feet touched and they are working with him to get him more used to it. He has obviously been abused and has some bad memoires that could possible trigger a bite. He has seen an animal behaviourist and she felt he was both adaptable and adoptable to the right home. Jasper needs a strong pack leader who is dog savvy and who will be dedicated to giving him the behavioural/obedience lessons and the direction he needs. He will NOT be placed in a home with children of any age. Jasper is house trained and in the right hands he has the potential to be a great pet. Meet Jasper! He is an adorable 2 yr old red cocker boy! More information about Jasper coming soon!