UPDATE: Harley has had a rough start in his short little life. He didn't know how to trust people and who could blame him after the neglect he suffered. He has come along way since he first arrived and no longer "screams" when he first meets people. He LOVES chasing a ball, he gets along great with other dogs, is crate trained, rarely barks, jumps into my arms to cuddle and his little bum wags a mile a minute. He can still be a little nervous when first meeting people but quickly learns to trust (all you have to do is throw his ball and your he is your friend for life! lol!). He walks well on a leash, knows how to sit, lay down, look and we are working on his stay. He is one very special little doggie and definately one of our favorites and deserves someone special of his own!

Meet Harley! He is one of the 26 cockers that came from a hoarding situation and is currently underweight which is typical of dogs coming from this type of situation. Harley has had his cherry eyes fixed. He is a 2yr old black and tan cutie pie.